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Les Fougeres


This photograph of Les Fougeres, Rue des Chenolles, St John, was taken around 1900. It was then home to the Bisson family - the three people in the photograph are Rosa Bisson (1874- ), her mother Amelie, nee Baudains, and Amelie's sister Sophie. The head of household was Amelie's husband, auctioneer and valuer Daniel Bisson

The farm came into the family in the 1790s. The date on the lintel over the back door reads 1838, which may be date of the construction of the present house, although it may also refer to the construction of a room at the back of the house. One of the farm buildings contains the date 1886. In the grounds are the remains of a lime kiln.

Rosa's younger sister Phoebe ran a small school in the upper room of the wing of the house.

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