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This page lists all new pages added to the site since 1 January 2022, and significant chanes to existing pages.

It takes time to add links to this page but a determined effort is being made in 2022 to list all new pages, including the many house profiles being added, and also to highlight important changes to existing family trees.

We have deleted the 2021 content of this page and no longer maintain a What was new page because it contained many broken links to outdated content which has been moved or deleted over the years.

1 January 2022

House profiles:

2 January

House profiles:

3 January

House profiles:

4 January

House profiles:

5 January

House profiles:

6 January

House profiles:

7 January

House profiles;;

8 January

10 January

House profiles:

11 January

House profiles:

12 January

House profile:

13 January

House profiles:

Trees reviewed by Guy Dixon:

14 January

House profiles:

15 January

16 January

17 January

18 January

  • Jersey International Road Race: Another large set of pictures of the 1947, 48, 49 and 50 races added to the gallery, bringing the total to nearly 200

19 January

  • Fauvel: Family photographs added

20 January

House profiles

21 January

House profiles

22 January

House profiles

23 January

House profiles

24 January

House profiles:

25 January

House profiles:

26 January

House profiles:

27 January

House profiles:

28 January

House profiles:

29 January

House profiles:

31 January

House profiles:

1 February

House profiles:

2 February

House profiles:

3 February

House profiles:

5 February

House profile:

6 February

House profiles:

7 February

House profiles:

8 February

House profiles:

9 February

House profiles:

11 February

House profiles:

12 February

House profiles:

13 February

New family pages and associated trees

14 February

Property profiles:

15 February

House profiles:

  • Noel: Another batch of family photographs, sent by a descendant, added to the family page

16 February

House profiles:

17 February

Property profiles:

18 February

Property profiles:

20 February

21 February

Property profiles:

22 February

23 February

26 February

Property profiles:

27 February

28 February

1 March

Property profiles:

2 March

Property profiles:

3 March

4 March

8 March

9 March

10 March

11 March

12 March

14 March

House profiles

15 March

House profiles

16 March

House profiles

18 March

21 March

22 March

23 March

24 March

25 March

26 March

27 March

31 March

1 April

2 April 2022

3 April 2022

4 April 2022

5 April 2022

6 April 2022

7 April 2022

8 April 2022

9 April 2022

10 April, 2022

11 April 2022

12 April 2022

13 April 2022

14 April 2022

15 April 2022

16 April 2022

17 April 2022

18 April 2022

19 April 2022

20 April 2022

21 April 2022

22 April 2022

25 April 2022

  • Jersey houses index: Added families occupying many of the Grouville properties from the 1881 and 1901 censuses

28 April 2022

  • Jersey houses index: Added families occupying many of the St Martin properties from the 1881 and 1901 censuses

30 April 2022

4 May 2022

  • Jersey houses index: Completed the addition of families from census returns for Trinity properties and updated many family trees in the process

6 May 2022

7 May 2022

8 May 2022

  • Jersey houses index: Completed the addition of families from census returns for St John properties and updated many family trees in the process
  • La Rocquaise, St Brelade. A new house profile

11 May 2022

12 May 2022

14 May 2022

  • Jersey houses index: Completed the addition of families living in the properties in St Ouen in 1901

18 May 2022

Historical articles based on Jersey Heritage 'What's your town? presentations

23 May 2022

  • Jersey houses index: Completed the addition of families living in the properties in St Brelade in 1901

24 May 2022

27 May 2022

8 June 2022

12 June 2022

20 June 2022

22 June 2022

28 June

Two new articles for our Crime and punishment page:

30 June

1 July

2 July

3 July

4 July

Town property profiles

11 July

12 July

18 August

12 October

If this log of new content seems rather sparse of late, it is partly because of contributors to the website taking a summer break, partly because family tree work has been concentrated on checking and expanding exisiting trees, and partly because of embarking on a major exercise to check through all pages and update the design and content of many of them.

This is the first major revision of the whole site since it was established in 2012. The basic structure of the site is unaffected but a limited number of pages have been deleted or combined with other pages. We have tried to eliminate very short pages whose content is better included in the 'parent' pages. Pages with a single paragraph of text or a single photograph have been absorbed in this way. The use of footnotes on 'parent pages' rather than links to separate pages with supporting information, should greatly improve navigation through the site and enhance the user experience.

The section of the site containing indexes of church family records has been thoroughly revised. When this work was last undertaken in 2017, earlier index pages for each of the 12 parishes were retained, linked from the new pages. This has led to considerable confusion, particularly for users who alight on one of the earlier pages through a browser search, and do not know that there are more recently updated indexes available. We did consider removing all indexes for content which is included in our database, but have decided at this stage to retain the 2017 parish index pages and delete those which date back to 2013.

Although all this work will inevitably have an adverse effect on some users' bookmarked content, and also on links to our site from other websites, we have tried to minimise that impact. It should be stressed that this has affected a very limited number of pages out of the current total of over 12,500 content pages, and only a handful have been deleted, and no pages have been renamed. This is a one-off exercise and once complete, hopefully before the end of this year, we do not envisage making any further changes of this nature. We have updated many pages which have remained unedited for ten years or more, but inevitably some content remains which is now out of date. These pages will be updated when time and resources permit, but anyone in any doubt as to whether information on any particular page might be somewhat 'stale' can click on the history tab at the top of the page to ascertain when the page was last updated

22 November

The project to review all the site's pages has now been completed. We have also completed a review of all family trees, and some 300 have been moved into larger trees, or deleted because their content was not considered sufficiently relevant or accurate.


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