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Historic Jersey buildings

Dunedin Farm, St Lawrence


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Property name

Dunedin Farm

Other names

La Nonnerie [1]


Rue de La Biliere, St Lawrence; also found as Rue des Bilieres

Type of property

19th century house with evidence of 17th century origins


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Laurens: In 1941 John Laurens (1896- ) and Louisa Laurens (1894- ), probably his sister, were living here. The family association with the property goes back to the middle of the 19th century

Census records

  • 1861

Nonnerie, St Lawrence: Farmer John Laurens (48), his widowed mother Susan Gruchy (75) and boarders Elizabeth Le Masurier (5) and John Rondel (18). Jean Laurens married Elizabeth Le Masurier in 1863

  • 1871

La Nonnerie - John and Elizabeth Laurens

Further households:

Les Billieries: Landowner and farmer Philip Laurens (60) and his wife Susan, nee L'Amy (60). Landowner and farmer George Bertram (43), his wife Susan (34) and children George and susan. Widow of Elie Laurens, Mary Laurens, nee Dorey (68), schoolmistress daughter Esther (27) and widowed sister Elizabeth Sarre (70), a laundress

  • 1881
  • Rue de Billeries - Philip and Susan Laurens
  • Nonnierie - Jean and Elizabeth Laurens


  • ID ILB - a faint inscription on a gatepost which may not be a complete set of initials
  • RN - Initials on old gable stone incorporated into new wall

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A mid-19th century Jersey house retaining some original features, including evidence of an earlier 17th century building.

Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Six-bay, two-storey house with farm building wing on the west side. Lean-to and farm building extensions on the rear. Single storey outbuilding on west side, converted. Rear two-storey 20th century extension and new farm sheds. Farm building:

Notes and references

  1. This information comes from HER. It is suggested that the property was owned by the Nion family. If this were so, the name would more likely have been Nionnerie. At first we could find no evidence for the presence in Jersey of a Nion family, historically a very common name in France. It is not included in any list of old Jersey names and there are no records in our database.
    But further research by Jerripedia contributor James Brannan revealed references to Nion in the 17th century in the land registry. They both concern the same house in St Lawrence. One mentions Jean Nion, son of Thomas, and the succession of Raulin Nion. In addition to a house it involved land called Clos de la Blanche Pierre. The second 1659 record shows that Benjamin Le Sueur had acquired it in 1616 from Raulin Nion, son of Richard, in his own name and as ayant droit of Michel Nion, eldest son of Thomas Nion. The record also mentions Marie, wife of Elie Le Febvre, daughter of André Nion.
    There is also an entry in Jersey Place Names for Jardin de la Nionnerie.
    Yet more research by Pam Hislop revealed census records for 'Nonnerie', rue de La Biliere. See list of families associated with the property below.
    The dates suggest that the Nion family may have come to Jersey in the late 16th century during the first wave of Huguenot refugees from France and purchased this St Lawrence property. The land registry entries and absence of any further church records suggest that the Nion brothers may have sold it on the death of their father and left the island
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