La Chasse, St Peter

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Historic Jersey buildings

La Chasse, St Peter


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Property name

La Chasse


Rue du Rectorat [1]

Type of property

House and farm buildings, probably dating to early 17th century

Elias and Elsie Balleine celebrated their golden wedding at La Chasse in 1978. One of the paintings of the property shown below can be seen on the wall behind them

Families associated with the property

In 1941 the house was occupied by Elias John Balleine (1900- ), his wife Elsie May, nee Le Cornu (1905- ), and their children Elias Vernon (1929- ), Allan John (1930- ) and Edward Fredrick, direct descendants of Elie and Marie


EL BL Sept. 10. 1876 - Elie Balleine datestone on the house, not mentioned in Old Jersey Houses

  • EBL 1870 - Also for Elie Balleine, included in the datestone register but not Old Jersey Houses
  • ED V LMF LV 1718 - This stone has not been interpreted. Old Jersey Houses interprets the initials as E D V M L F L V, indicates that they are very rough, and may be read differently. The author makes no attempt to group the initials[3]

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building


For a property of this age and importance, the entry is surprisingly brief, and most of it quote the article in Old Jersey Houses. Despite referring to the 1681 sale of the property, the entry describes the house as Georgian.

Farm group retaining historic character and features.

The property was not mapped in 1795. The date of 1832 on the back most likely relates to alterations and the addition of a second storey. Two-storey, three-bay south-facing house with range of farm buildings running north/south. Pitched slate roof with brick chimneys to each gable. Walls rendered granite rubble. Farm buildings are random stone rubble.

Old Jersey Houses

"The house is probably far older than it appears. There is a date of 1832 on the back facade, perhaps the date of alterations and the addition of a second storey on the north rooms. This is borne out by a watercolour painting in the possession of the owner which shows the house thatched and the back rooms only one storey high.

"The stable is dated 1825. In the avenue is a stone with an incised cross which was found in the meadow. It iwas clearly in the church at swome period, being similar to stones noted at various parish churches.

"The ancestor of the present owner was Elie Balleine, who, six years after his marriage to Marie, nee Falle, in 1675 bought the property from Sarah Balleine."

The author refers to a 1637 document in the possession of the owner in 1637 which suggests that the house was constructed before then.

Notes and references

  1. Also known as Rue du Presbytere. The property is close to the present boundary of Jersey Airport and much of its land was taken when the airport was built in 1937. Old Jersey Houses gives the location as 'near the church'
  2. We have not been able to establish the relationship between Michel and the previous owners. Elias, who owned the property in 1941 (see below) lived until 1990, but may have left La Chasse between 1978 and then
  3. The Jersey Datestone Register includes the stone twice, with a different sequence of letters. It shows the sequence from Old Jersey Houses but unhelpfully indicates that the stone is at Les Chasses, a different property in St Peter. A second listing, with no reference to the other, shows the sequence as ED V (or heart) LM F LV 1718, and correctly identifies the property as La Chasse, Rue du Presbytere. Whichever sequence is accepted for the initials, they do not match any marriage record in our database. It is too early for both groom and bride to have had two forenames and the three letter combinations do not match any common family names. Given that the property is believed to have been in Balleine ownership at this time, the stone is even more mysterious. HER copies the second datestone register reading of the stone

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