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Eric Bailleul Moullin (10 August 1893 – 18 September 1963) MA, ScD, Hon LLD, MIEE, was an Electrical Engineer. He was Emeritus Professor of Electrical Engineering at Cambridge, and was a founder member of the Guernsey Society.

Early years

Eric Bailleul was born in Swanage, Dorset to a Guernseyman, Arthur Daniel Moullin and his wife Charlotte Anne Longman.

From an early age, he was fascinated with electrical engineering and particularly wireless telegraphy. He won a scholarship to Downing College, Cambridge, where he studied Mathematics and Mechanical Sciences.


He spent three years as a teacher at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, and then returned to Cambridge in 1919 to become a university lecturer in engineering. In 1929, he moved to Oxford, where he became a Reader in Engineering Science.

He spent World War II contributing his knowledge of electrical engineering to the war effort, working firstly for the Admiralty Signals Establishment in Portsmouth, and then as part of the senior research staff of the Metropolitan Vickers Electrical Co in Manchester.

After the war, he was offered the newly-created Chair of Electrical-Engineering at Cambridge, and so returned there as its first ever Professor of Electrical Engineering.

Guernsey Connections

He was very proud of his Guernsey roots, and was a regular visitor to the island, and knew the island well.

He was a founder member of the Guernsey Society, and served as chairman from 1947-1949. He was a regular contributor to The Quarterly Review. Together with Herbert John Fleure and Freddie Priaulx, was a major contributor to The Guernsey Farmhouse, a book published by the Society in 1964 celebrating the ancient family houses in the island.

After the war, he purchased the Fief des Eperons and thus became Seigneur. This fief had belonged to his ancestor, Jean Rougier, and he revived a number of the ancient seigneural traditions, such as summoning the feudal court[1]. As part of this, he presented a set of gilt spurs to Queen Elizabeth when she visited the island in 1957.


He married Christobel Prior in Cambridge in 1918, and they had two daughters, Hilary and Rachel.

His second marriage to Joan Salzman took place in 1934. Joan was editor of The Quarterly Review of the Guernsey Society between 1959 and 1988.

Honours & Awards

He was elected to a Professorial Fellowship at King's College, Cambridge.

He was Chairman of the Radio section of the Institute of Electical Engineers (IEE) in 1939, and served as its President in 1949.

In 1958, he was presented by Glasgow University with an honorary LLD.

He invented a number of electrical measuring instruments, amongst which the Moullin Valve Voltmeter, and the Moullin Torsionmeter - which made an invaluable contribution to the design of the Queen Mary.


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