Descendants of Thomas Bisson

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Descendants of Thomas Bisson

This tree was added in 2019 by Guy Dixon. It has now been absorbed into The Bissons of Trinity, and enlarged, and will be deleted in due course in favour of the more comprehensive Trinity tree

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  • 1 Thomas Bisson (1570?-1615) of Trinity [1] m Regnaulde unknown ( -1630) [2]
    • 2 Marie Bisson (1595?- ) m (1616, Tr) Matthieu Le Sueur
    • 2 Gilles Bisson (1597?- 1650) [3] m (1623, St J) Marie Le Sebirel d of Jean, of Hérupe [4]
      • 3 Nicolas Bisson (1625?- ) (Tr) living 1676 m 1 (1651, Tr) Renaulde de la Haye ( -1676); 2 (1677, Tr) Elizabeth Giffard
        • 4 Jean Bisson (9/1651-1672) [5]
        • 4 Nicolas Bisson (1653-1656?) [6]
        • 4 Thomas Bisson (1655-1657?)
        • 4 Gilles Bisson (1656/7-1657) [7]
        • 4 Philippe Bisson (1656/7-1657) Twin of Gilles; godfather: Philippe Bisson</ref>
        • 4 Nicolas Bisson (1657- ) [8] m 1 (1675, Tr) Anne Grandin ( -1676) [9] buried with her child; 2 (1677, Tr) Elizabeth Grandin? [10]
        • 4 Thomas Bisson (1658- )
        • 4 Marie Bisson (1659-1662) [11]
        • 4 Marie Bisson (1662-1663)
        • 4 Marguerite Bisson (1654- ) living 1676 [12]
      • 3 Jean Bisson (1628-1675) (Tr) m Jeanne unknown ( -1692) [13]
        • 4 Möise Bisson (1655- ) [14]
        • 4 Philippe Bisson ( -1671)
        • 4 Nicolas Bisson (1673-1674)
        • 4 Child Bisson ( -1676)
    • 2 Philippe Bisson (1600-1650) m (1620, Tr) Marie Luce ( -1670) d of Léonard [15]
      • 3 Thomas Bisson (1621-by 1675) [16] m Jeanne Cabot, living 1653, (a godmother, above), probably sister of Aaron
        • 4 Marie Bisson (1647- )
        • 4 Elie Bisson (1648- ) probably died by 1675, without issue (see below)
        • 4 Josué Bisson (1649-1656)
        • 4 Marie Bisson (1652- ) [17]
        • 4 Benjamin Bisson (1653- ) living 1675 [18]
        • 4 Jeanne Bisson ( -1651)
        • 4 Thomas Bisson (1655-1656)
      • 3 Hélier Bisson (1625?- ) [19]
      • 3 Marie Bisson (1627- ) [20]
      • 3 Philippe Bisson (1630?-1693) living 1671 m (1672, Tr) Sara Cabot
        • 4 Aaron Bisson (1673-1747?) [21] m 1 (1701, Tr) Marie Benest (1669-4/1712) d of Philippe, of Trinity; 2 (7/1712, St L) Marie Benoit (Benest, in this instance) of Trinity [22]
          • 5 Marie Bisson (1703- ) [23] m (1733, Tr) Thomas Blampied
          • 5 Aaron Bisson (1704- )
          • 5 Charles Bisson (1708-1789) [24] m (1733, Tr) Judith Bisson (1709-1793) [25] d of Pierre (Tr), s of Thomas, a native of St Peter [26]
            • 6 Charles Bisson (1734-1796) [27] m (1759, St My) Marguerite Bisson (1737-1797) d of Edouard, of Trinity [28]
              • 7 Judith Bisson (1761- ) [29]
              • 7 Charles Bisson (1763-1808) [30]
              • 7 Elie Bisson (1768- ) [31]
              • 7 George Bisson (1769- )
            • 6 Esther Bisson (1736- )
            • 6 Judith Bisson (1739- ) living 1761
            • 6 Elie Bisson (1749-1797) (Tr) m 1 (1770, St J) Elizabeth Bisson ( -1773) of (Tr); 2 (1776, Tr) Esther Bisson ( -1808) of (Tr)<refr>Buried as "veuve Elie"</ref>
        • by the 2nd wife of Aaron Bisson, Marie Benest ( -1771)
          • 5 Apoline Bisson (1713- )
          • 5 Philippe Bisson (1715-1733) [32]
          • 5 Elizabeth Bisson (1717- )
          • 5 Jeanne Bisson (1720- )
      • 3 Benjamin Bisson (1635?-1676) [33] m unknown
        • 4 Philippe Bisson (1661?-1708) “fils Benjamin” (1708) m unknown
          • 5 Philippe Bisson (1689- )
        • 4 Jean Bisson (1664-1716)
          • 5 Jean Bisson (1690- ) [34]
        • 4 Jeanne Bisson (1666- ) [35]
        • 4 Benjamin Bisson (1668-4/1672)
        • 4 Benjamin Bisson (6/1672-1760) [36] m (1712?) Elizabeth Gallichan ( -1748)
          • 5 Elizabeth Bisson (1715- )
          • 5 Benjamin Bisson (1716-1789) [37] m (1740, Tr) Elizabeth Benest (1714-1770) daaughter of Charles, of Trinity
            • 6 Elizabeth Bisson (1741- )
            • 6 Philippe Bisson (1744- ) [38] m (1771, St J) Marie Gruchy d of Pierre of St John and Marie Nicolle
            • 6 Daniel Bisson (1748- ) (Tr) and later of St John [39] m (1775, St J) Elizabeth Rondel of St Laurence [40]
              • 7 Daniel Bisson (1776- ) (St J)
              • 7 Elizabeth Bisson (1777- )
              • 7 Marie Bisson (1779- )
              • 7 Philippe Bisson (1781- ) (St J)
              • 7 Jeanne Bisson (1784- )
            • 6 Charles Bisson (1751-1781) [41]
            • 6 Marie Bisson (1754- ) m (1777, Tr) Jean Marett
            • 6 Magdaleine Bisson (1758-1758)
            • 6 François Bisson (1760- )
          • 5 Philippe Bisson (1719- ) m (1742, Tr) Marie Syvret of St John [42]
          • 5 Daniel Bisson (1722- ) settled in St John [43] m (1742, Tr) Elizabeth Baudains of St John
            • 6 Daniel Bisson (1744- ) (St J) living 1786 [44] m (1763, St J) Marie de la Rocque
          • 5 Marie Bisson (1725-1728)
        • 4 Catherine Bisson (1673- )
    • 2 Elizabeth Bisson (1602?- ) m (1622, Tr) Jean Deslandes
    • 2 Sarah Bisson (1603?- ) m (1621, Tr) Philippe Le Maistre

Notes and references

  1. For the parentage of Thomas Bisson, see The Bissons of Trinity
  2. R.P.7/18
  3. RP 13/74 (1646): “Philippe Bisson, son of Michel, in right of Jean Corbel, sells to Gilles Bisson, son of Thomas, le Clos de Godel”
  4. The groom noted as being of Trinity
  5. Buried as “Jean fils Nicolas”
  6. Godmother: Jeanne, wife of Thomas Bisson
  7. Godfather: Daniel Bisson
  8. Nicolas` christening date, 15 April 1657, is very close to that of the twin brothers, Gilles and Philippe, on 24 February that year. It was customary to delay this ceremony if those due for christening were ill or sickly, as was evident in the twins` case. Gilles was buried a month and four days later, Philippe two months later. Christenings could also be enacted "à la maison" and afterwards in the church. Christenings "à la maison" feature less frequently in Trinity Registers than some other parishes and some doubtless went, prior to the eventual church ceremony, unrecorded
  9. Anne Grandin was buried in 1676 as "femme Nicolas Bisson junr.," showing that her husband and father-in-law were both still living
  10. The only two Nicolas Bissons in Trinity eligible to marry in 1677 were this Nicolas and his father, bereaved in the previous year. As neither of the two ensuing marriages had known issue, it is not clear which man married Elizabeth Grandin. However, Nicolas junior had already married into the Grandin family and marriages to a sister or cousin of the deceased wife not being uncommon, he was perhaps more likely to have been the husband of Elizabeth Grandin, with his father marrying Elizabeth Giffard
  11. Godparents: Thomas Bisson and sister
  12. Featuring as a godmother : “Marguerite Bisson fille Nicolas”
  13. Jean Bisson, fils Gilles, and his wife were likely to have had children born in the 1660s. Regrettably, the Trinity Register at this date names only the father. As more than one Jean Bisson then existed, children whose names and godparents did not suggest kinship with Jean Bisson fils Gilles have not been attributed to him
  14. Godparents: Möise Cabot and wife
  15. Philippe was described on marriage as “fils Thomas”. The Trinity Register also records that he was a meunier, a Miller
  16. RP 20/129 (1671): “Thomas Bisson, fils Philippe and of Marie Luce, his wife, sells to Hélier Bisson and Philippe Bisson, his brothers, sons of the said Philippe Bisson and Marie Luce, his wife....”
  17. Godfather: Louis La Cloche, from a family of Mill-owners
  18. R.P.21/86 (1675): Partage of the inheritance, Cabot family, between “Me Aaron Cabot, Benjamin Bisson, Me Josué Maret, ca. ux., parchonniers dudit Aaron, ensemble Pierre Cabot, fils Pierre, et Benjamin Bisson, causa matris” [in right of his mother]. Several inferences can be drawn from this deed. Firstly, the presence in the list of the first Benjamin Bisson is mysterious unless his wife was also a Cabot and the words “ca ux” were "ca uxorem" for the wives of both Bisson and Maret. Likewise, for the second-mentioned Benjamin Bisson (baptised 1653, son of Thomas) to claim a share in the Cabot inheritance in right of his mother, Thomas`s wife Jeanne had to be also a Cabot. The fact Benjamin`s father was not claiming on behalf of his wife, suggests that he had died by 1675. Lastly, for the younger Benjamin to have been making the claim for his mother`s estate, then of his two elder brothers, Jean and Elie, one may have predeceased him and the other been indisposed. As Jean married and had a family, he will have been the latter and Elie the former
  19. Living 1671 (R.P.20/129). R.P.14/321 (1650):”Hélier Bisson, fils Philippe”, bought from Jean Le Hardy gent. Le Jardin d`Amy in St Helier, Fief de Mélèches
  20. Godfather: Jean Luce
  21. Bearing a Christian name favoured by the Cabots, Aaron Bisson was doubtless named after the above Aaron Cabot, although his actual godfather was Nicolas Cabot—a means of recognising both relatives!
  22. Aaron Bisson, the bridegroom, was also stated as being of Trinity. The bride was probably the daughter of Charles Benest of that parish
  23. Godparents: Philippe Benest, "Grand-Père" of the child and Prescille Le Marinel, aunt of the same
  24. Godparents: Jean Bisson and Marthe Benest, his wife. The immediate connection of Aaron to this couple, the godparents, was on the Benest side of the family, Marthe Benest having been Marie Benest`s sister
  25. Significantly, Judith Bisson was buried as "veuve Charles Bisson", showing that her husband had predeceased her. He had been buried as "Charles Bisson senior" in 1789, indicating that their son, Charles, (junior), was then alive and thriving
  26. R.P.(13/12/1692)
  27. Godparents: Josué Bisson and Marguerite Bisson. Charles, [junior in 1789], married, had issue and died, in his turn, as "Charles Bisson senior" in 1796, again indicating that his son too, the next Charles Bisson, was also alive in that year
  28. Trinity was stated as being the parish of both parties. Marguerite was (see The Bissons of Trinity) his grandmaternal (Benest) 2nd cousin (1737-1797). She was buried in Trinity in 1797, as Charles` "veuve", widow
  29. Godparents: Charles Bisson and Judith, his daughter, (being the child`s grandfather and aunt, respectively)
  30. This Charles Bisson was the implied "junior" of 1796. His godparents were Charles Hamon and Rachel Bisson, his wife, who were probably his maternal uncle and aunt. He was buried as "Me Charles Bisson, fils Charles" in 1808, Trinity
  31. Elie Bisson`s godparents were his father and "Elizabeth [really Rachel] Bisson, femme de Charles Benest"
  32. Buried in 1733 as “Philippe, fils Aaron Bisson et Marie Benest, sa femme”
  33. The Trinity register tells the sad tale of Benjamin`s death: “June 1676; Benjamin Bisson, fils Philippe; Nicolas Cabot, fils Jean; Jacques Le Breton, fils Etienne, the 29th June departed to go into Ich Ho [Note: This has been misread at times as “Ecréhou[s]”, a group of islands off the north-east coast of Jersey. Ich Ho is at the centre of an extended rocky reef, covering, at low-water, more than two miles of the Island`s south-east coast. It was later crowned with a round tower, now called the Icho Tower] and were drowned on 1 July. Their bodies were found in Les Rochers Lemprière.” Another account mentions that those drowned were on a fishing trip
  34. RP 38/195 (1737)
  35. Godparents: Jean Bisson and Rachel [Cabot], wife of François Le Breton
  36. Buried in 1760 as “Benjamin Bisson senr.,” which he was, within his immediate family
  37. Benjamin junior in 1760
  38. Godparents: Philippe Bisson and Marie Syvret, his wife
  39. Godparents: Daniel Bisson and Elizabeth Baudains. They had married in 1742 but the detail was, in this case, missed in the register
  40. The bridegroom was stated to have been of Trinity
  41. Charles was one of two individuals of this description in 1781
  42. No issue has yet been found
  43. This is an example of a Christian name already in use in some branches of a family, cropping up in an entirely different branch. Close kinship cannot therefore be inferred. The name, in this instance, was introduced by an outsider, the child`s godfather, Mr Daniel Pellier
  44. Daniel Bisson and Marie de la Rocque, his wife, were St John godparents of Jeanne Bisson (1777) and Daniel Bisson (1786), children of Jean Bisson of St John and Jeanne Gruchy, his wife
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