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Origin of Surname

The origin of the surname de Vic is a reference to someone originally from the Isle of Wight[1]

There seem to have been two lots of De L'Erées, one at St Peter's and Torteval, and the other at St Saviours, all no doubt from a common source. The St Saviours family dwindled in numbers until one only was left - a girl. A De Vic married her and established himself on her property at St Saviours. This was in the latter part of the 15th or early part of the 16th century. For some time the name of De Vic, De Vic de L'Erée and De L'Erée were used indiscriminately until the early part of the 17th century, when De Vic was dropped altogether. The De L'Erée's of St Saviours. died out in the 19th century. [2]

Although the name is now extinct in Guernsey, it has been adopted by generations of the Carey family as a forename, as a result of the marriage between the families – most recently by Sir De Vic Carey, Bailiff of Guernsey 1999-2005.


  • Dewyck
  • De Vick

Related Places

Notable Islanders

  • Louis de Vic, Bailiff of Guernsey, 1588-1600
  • Thomas de Vic, Jurat in 1527
  • Richard de Vic, Jurat in 1557
  • Sir Henry de Vic, 1st Baronet de Vic of Guernsey, (c. 1599–1671)[4]
  • Sir Charles de Vic, 2nd Baronet de Vic of Guernsey (d. 1688)

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