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Origin of Surname

The surname of De Sausmarez can be traced back in Guernsey as far as the earliest surviving records. During the wars with France in the 18th Century, Admiral Lord James Saumarez anglicised the spelling of his surname from De Sausmarez to Saumarez, which has survived in this branch to this day. Whilst his family home was Saumarez Park in the Castel, his descendents moved to live in Shrubland Park, Suffolk. The St Martins branch of the family, still live in Guernsey’s only stately home, Sausmarez Manor.

The family of Saumarez or, as it was originally spelt, De Sausmares, is of Norman origin, and of great antiquity in the Island. The Seigniory or Lordship of Sausmares, in the parish of St Martin, appears by inquisitions made the 6th of Edward II anno 1313 and 4th of Edward III anno 1331, to have been held by Matthew de Sausmares, who was by the latter Monarch made hereditary captain or castellan of the Castle of Jerbourg, within the said Lordship. Berry, William, History of Guernsey, (1815)


Sausmarez Manor, St Martins

Related Places

Notable Islanders

  • Admiral Lord James Saumarez – contemporary of Nelson, led Royal Navy fleet to victory at the Battle of Algeçiras.

Family Trees and Histories

Further Reading

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