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C Le Masurier and Co


Le Masurier's retail outlets were known as Wine Lodges. This was the flagship enterprise in King Street

Originally a wine and spirits merchant, C Le Masurier and Co is one of Jersey's oldest businesses and among the first limited companies. It now concentrates exclusively on property ownership and development

C Le Masurier and Co was founded in 1835 by Clement Le Masurier, who was later joined in the business by his son, and then in the 1880s by Fred Clarke, whose family still own the business today.

Originally a wine and spirits merchant, the company diversified into retail outlets, notably the chain of Wine Lodges in prominent positions in St Helier, including the main shopping centres, King Street and Queen Street, as well as Colomberie, the Parade and Broad Street.

In 1911 a limited company was formed - No 15 - now the second oldest surviving Jersey company. But the business has changed dramatically. Following the death of their chairman Fred Clarke in 2001, the company moved out of wines and spirits and now operate solely as property owners and developers, throughout the British Isles.

Both Fred Clarke and his father served as Constable of St Helier.

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